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Is Western Maryland Poor?

Some of the naysayers believe the five western counties are too poor to make it on their own.  This is the opinion of either the uninformed or those that refuse to recognize our right to self-determination and self-governance.

The simple truth is Western Maryland would rank near the top of all states in terms of median household income and have one of the lowest poverty rates.

Maryland has the highest median household income of all fifty states at $72,999.  Maryland’s poverty rate is 9.9% placing it second only behind New Hampshire.  The national poverty rate is 14.9%.

Moreover, many people compare the five western counties to other counties in Maryland.  But when you compare the five western counties to the ~3,033 counties across the country a much different picture is revealed.

In terms of median household income, Maryland has eight counties in the top fifty of all counties across the country and eleven counties in the top one hundred.  Carroll County ranks number 33 and Frederick County number 50.  Washington County is ranked 563 placing it within the top 20%.  Garrett County is ranked 1642 placing it just below the median.  Allegany County is ranked 2142.

When you compute the median household income for the new state it is $69,626.  The new state would have the 4th highest median household income out of fifty one states.

When you compute the poverty rank for the new state it would be 8.6%.  This would make it the 2nd lowest out of fifty one states and push Maryland to the 3rd lowest poverty rank.

The data comes from the U.S. Census Bureau.

The Great Compromise

It has been said the summer of 1787 in Philadelphia was hot.  Delegates from twelve states gathered to revise the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union.  Debate ensued over revising the Articles or replacing them altogether.  The Virginia Plan, authored by James Madison, was proposed first.  Briefly, the plan was national in nature delegating significant… Continue Reading