What is the goal of the Initiative?
Is the goal of the Initiative to secede from the United States?
What is the reason for the Initiative?
What do the terms right of self-determination and self-governance mean and how do they apply to the Initiative?
What is government?
Is it legal and/or constitutional to erect a new state from an existing state?
Have new states ever been created from existing states?
Why don’t you just get different people elected if you have issues with how Maryland is governed?
Why don’t you just move to another state?
If you are successful what is to stop states from continually dividing until a state consists of a few people or a few hundred people?
If many new states are formed won’t we have too many states?
If there are more states then the country will become more divided?
The State of Maryland puts more money into the five western counties then it receives from taxes and fees. How will the new state support itself?
What is the new state’s tax base and economic base?
Has a new State constitution been written?
Maryland will never let the five western counties go. Why are you wasting time and effort on the Initiative?
What will the policies be for the new state?